Sunday, July 24, 2016

THP/SL Modular Trailer Gooseneck+6+Vessel Drop Deck+7 Axle Lines Transport 350 Tons Generator

CHINA HEAVY TRANSPORTER Specialized in Manufacture Hydraulic Modular Trailer/Multi Axle , can be Fully Compatible with the original Germany Goldhofer THP/SL, capacity 45 tons/axle line, 1,175 ± 300 mm height and 2,990 mm width, axle base 1,500 mm with S690 high tensile structure steel, robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated load bearing capacity.

1)The frame is using special thick Q690E(δs=690Mpa) steel plate, box-shaped structure, high strength, hard to deform, good ability for concentrated Professional materials certificate of all steel can be offered.
2). The combinations and connections of modules adopts foreign general multiunit connect-sheets connecting, high connection strength , not easy to break, convenient connection and combination, largely increase the combination speed.
3). Suspension frame and balance arm is welding structure,(same with Goldhofer) high strength and delight appearance.
4). Steering.
a.  Steering rod system was optimized by computer, less steering error.
b.  Steering pad adopts multiple holes design, convenient for combination.
5). Hydraulic and air pips adopt quick coupling connection, swift combination, the combination parts are using automatic cylinder pins. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
6).Hydraulic suspension oil cylinder is manufactured via pull-cylinder techniques, high strength, cylinder connection and seals form is same with Goldhofer, and seals parts are all using overseas famous brand.
7). Hydraulic suspension oil pipe line adopts dual-pipe system, ensure the safety of operation.
8). Maximum steering angle of the first wheel is 55 degree.
it is suitable for heavy goods transport and heavy-duty handling on site. A large number of accessories allow to configurate all desired combinations, as well as semi-trailers. They can be also coupled with driven modules and power pack unit, resulting in a self-propelled combination for handling on site. Additional components accessories such as Goosenecks, Drawbars, Spacer, Dropdeck, Girder Bridge, Load bridges, Turn tables.ect

Last week our Hydraulic Modular Trailer 13 Axle Lines Used to Transport 350 Tons Generator

Hydraulic Gooseneck+6+Vessel Drop Deck+7 Axle Lines 

This Vessel Drop Deck Capacity can be Max 350 Tons.

Driving on the Road, with 18km/h, total 150Kms.

First we do Heavy Loading Test in our factory before delivery to our Customers.

Each Stone is 6 Tons and we do 350 Tons Dynamic Heavy Loading Test, for the Steering, Hydraulic Lifting, Move Forward and Backward.

After Finished Loading Test, our Customers are very satisfied.

We will provide 7-10 Days Technical Training, Assembly, After Sales Service for Free in our Customer's site.

Meanwhile if need, our engineers also will be with you to transport cargo together. 

No matter how long and heavy the load or how complicated the job, we keep things moving.

We have our own Technical Team Engineers to develop & research to study the Modular Trailers. Our Technical Team have 33  Engineers with 10 Years rich experience.

Whatever you meet in your Project Transportation, we can provide technical support.

24 Hours Service on line.

Any questions about our Modular Trailer, SPMT, Lowbed, please contact

Mobile&WhatsApp:+86 186 2193 9474

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